Personal Protective Equipment

Protective, Functional, Comfortable

Our range of Gowns and Protective Apparel will equip you for all types of procedures.

Surgical Gowns, Scrub Suits and Patient Gowns

Our sterile single-use gowns have been specifically developed for the Australian and New Zealand environment.

Our range encompasses gowns for short and dry procedures through to high fluid or lengthy procedures.

Our Comfort Range - Our softest and most comfortable gowns

  • Comfort Unreinforced with Glove Assist - suitable for short & dry procedures

  • Comfort Plus Surgical Gown Fabric Reinforced – Medium or moderate-fluid

  • Comfort Plus Reinforced Surgical Gown – High fluid

Our Classic Range:

  • Incorporates Classic Standard and Classic Plus Reinforced

Our CoolMax & Ultimate Protection Range:

  • CoolMax & Ultimate Protection Surgical Gowns - are breathable and cool, these gowns are notable for their superb comfort and being fully impervious. Ideal for High-fluid or lengthy procedures.


Designed in close co-operation with hospital staff, our Surgical Gowns are cool and breathable with an easy fit, while offering excellent protection against strikethrough from microbial and liquid penetration.

Our Scrub Suits are lightweight and comfortable and offer supreme performance. They’re ideal for nurses in the Operating Room, ER departments, GPs, Vets and Dentists.

Patient Gowns are also available – lightweight and in a range of sizes to accommodate all body shapes. They are ideal for patients in hospitals, day procedures, GP clinics, radiology or any setting where a patient is required to wear a disposable gown.


Facial Protection

Our popular DeRoyal SPEyes eyewear is designed to minimise exposure to pathogens from waste fluid.

They combine innovation, quality, value, and comfort for clinicians where personal protective equipment is a vital part of self-care as they care for others.

  • Wrap-around disposable lens for complete protection

  • UltraClear™ technology prevents glare, fog, and static

  • Frame fits completely against forehead for splash protection from above

  • Sealed lens mounting for added fluid protection

  • Clip-On/Off design for quick and easy changing

  • Colored top strip allows finger-print-free handling

  • Latex free

Wearable Consumables

Beret caps and non-skid overshoes are also available.