Our Company

We are committed to improving patient care with our safe and effective single-use, sterile medical products and customised procedure packs.

The Defries Industries team share a vision of high standards and a commitment to superior patient care. We continually strive to create outstanding products that excel in design, ease of use, safety and price. Defries has built a strong national reputation since 1981 and expanded the company to now include more than 180 specially trained staff.

The Defries Story: Dedication to Product and Service Excellence.

At Defries Industries, we have a long history of improving patient care. Established in 1981 in Melbourne, Australia by the de Fries family, the company was founded as a medical manufacturing business. By incorporating a cleanroom, office and warehouse Defries Industries started to offer the Australian healthcare sector innovative and unique medical products.


By this stage Defries had increased its medical products to around 500 different types and also began to offer single use instruments. Defries products started distribution in New Zealand.

Defries Industries continued to grow, supported by Australian hospitals wanting to buy locally. Custom procedure packs were designed to offer hospitals a time saving alternative to individual consumables. At this stage Defries Industries also had expanded significantly to purchase a new automatic packaging machine to streamline manufacturing and two more factories.

Defries Industries now has over 100 employees and designs and manufactures over 1,000 different product specialties.

Expanded our company by 2 sites - new head office and complete warehousing facility at 18-24 Villas Road Dandenong South and our manufacturing site at 17-19 & 22 Kempson Court, Keysborough, Melbourne, Australia. Defries Industries commences distributing DeRoyal products throughout Australia.

Defries Industries was awarded DeRoyal “International Distributor of the Year” for Improving Care and Improving Business for 2010.  This award was also won again in 2014.

Over 3,000 product specialties and over 160 dedicated employees. Advancis Wound Care, a leading UK company product that includes the Manuka honey range of wound care, is now proudly distributed in Australia by Defries Industries. Defries produces over 6 million medical products per annum.

Defries opened our new Head Office in Dandenong South and new state-of-the-art cleanroom which more than doubles our former manufacturing and processing capacity.  This saw the consolidation of our Victorian sites to three sizeable locations in Dandenong South, Melbourne to provide us with greater efficiencies and further opportunities for growth.  Our Perth and Adelaide distribution warehouses also opened.  

Our commitment is to improve patient care by offering safe and effective sterile medical products. We want to provide better care by offering health care professionals expertise in the Defries range of products.