Surgical Drapes and Equipment Covers

The Flexibility of Choice

At Defries we prefer to design drapes in conjunction with Surgeons, Nurses and Theatre Managers.

This means we can provide our customers with superior products that match their clinical needs. Drapes are made to specific requirements such as size, fabric, fenestrations and extra details like velcro taping and clear plastic anaesthetic screens.

We find this method more cost effective for our customers with reduced waste.

Choice of fabric is important.

At Defries we use three types of drape fabric:

Azure drapes use a viscose impervious fabric with a polyethylene laminate, suitable for general surgery with minimal fluid or short procedures. This range includes the Azure minor procedure drapes.

Aqua drapes are our newest drape range available and use a bi-laminate or tri-laminate fabric with extra reinforcement. The tri-laminate fabric is soft to touch, whilst offering the superior protection of great absorbency from fabric reinforcement, fluid containment built in pouches, positioning tape and incise area. The bi-laminate range includes back table covers & mayo covers, whilst the tri-laminate range are our drape sheets, universal packs and specialty procedure drapes. We can also offer bespoke designed drapes to meet specific customer requirements using this fabric.

Supreme drapes are our ultimate tri-laminate fabric. They are specifically designed for high level performance and offer a high level of protection. The Supreme range includes drape sheets and specialty procedure drapes.

Our drape design includes the instructions for correct aseptic application, with markings and directions on the drape to assist ease of use.

All drape fabrics are conformable to patients’ shapes. They are low linting and have excellent barrier properties to prevent strike through of airborne and blood borne bacteria.

Surgical Drapes Brochure