Make the change from plastic to our new plant-based products.

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News New Gen 2

Defries Industries are bringing the innovative NewGen ecologically friendly product range to our Australian and New Zealand customers.

Clinically developed for use in the operating room and for custom procedure packs, our new plant based products can replace your plastic medical products.

By taking an agricultural sugar-cane by-product and upcycling it into a plastic-free healthcare product range, these products offer a smart sustainable design.

  • Made with 100% plant based materials* and contain no BPA, mercury, phylates or PVC
  • An environmentally friendly and biodegradable range
  • Coated with a biocompatible film (holloware range)
  • Designed to deliver top clinical performance
  • Sustainable manufacturing process

*Needle counters are 95% plastic free - contains EPP foam and magnet

Contact our customer service on 1300 550 278 or for further information, alternatively please contact your Sales Account Manager at Defries Industries.