Siltape - 2cm x 3m

$27.70 Box of 1

Siltape is made from soft silicone which is gentle on the skin, particularly useful in patients with very thin, friable skin which is vulnerable to damage. Silicone does not cell strip in the same way that other adhesives may damage tissue.

Siltape is delivered on a handy roll with perforations for ease of use, no scissors are required.


  • Atraumatic soft silicone, reduced pain on change, adjustment or removal
  • Soft and conformable
  • Adheres only to dry skin not to a moist wound
  • Easily adjustable with no loss of adherence


  • Hold dressings in place
  • Taping down eyelids (in theatre)
  • Securing IV lines
  • Over small incision sites
  • Under oxygen masks on bridges of noses
  • Securing fistula needles
  • Protection from pressure damage or sores from tubing
  • ARTG # 308387

Instructions for Use - available here