Defries Industries - Catalogue (Apr 20)

Defries Industries - Surgical Gowns Comfort Range

Defries Industries - Surgical Gowns Classic and Coolmax Ranges

Instructions for Use

3M - Coban Latex Free Self-Adherent Wrap

3M - Ioban 2

3M - Steri-Strips

3M - Tegaderm Film

3M - Tegaderm I.V.

3M - Tegaderm Pad

Advancis Medical - Activon Tulle

Advancis Medical - Advasil Conform

Advancis Medical - Advazorb

Advancis Medical - Advazorb Border

Advancis Medical - Advazorb Heel

Advancis Medical - Advazorb Sacral

Advancis Medical - Advazorb Silfix

Advancis Medical - Algivon

Advancis Medical - Algivon Plus

Advancis Medical - Eclypse

Advancis Medical - Eclypse Adherent

Advancis Medical - Eclypse Adherent Sacral

Advancis Medical - Eclypse Boot

Advancis Medical - Eclypse Border

Advancis Medical - Eclypse Contour

Advancis Medical - Eclypse Foot

Advancis Medical - Silflex

Advancis Medical - Siltape

Advancis Medical - Vellafilm

Alimtype - Electrosurgical Bipolar Forceps

Coloplast - Comfeel Plus Transparent

ConMed - Electrosurgical Handpiece

ConMed - Suction Instruments

Contiform - Hysterometer Uterine Sound

Covidien - Edge E1450 Blade Electrode

Covidien - Edge E1455 Blade Electrode

Covidien - Edge E2250 Pencil

Covidien - Valleylab E2515 Pencil

Demax Medical - Infusion/ Admin Set

Demax Medical - Pressure Transducer

DeRoyal Industries - Angiographic Control Syringe

DeRoyal Industries - DeFogger

DeRoyal Industries - Electrosurgical Electrodes

DeRoyal Industries - Electrosurgical Pencil

DeRoyal Industries - High Pressure Injection Lines

DeRoyal Industries - Manifold and Stopcock

DeRoyal Industries - Multidex

DeRoyal Industries - Pressure Monitoring Lines

DeRoyal Industries - Pruventor Foam Heel Off-loading Device

DeRoyal Industries - Safety Scalpel with Retractable Blade

DeRoyal Industries - Splash Stop

DeRoyal Industries - Surgical Skin Marker

DeRoyal Industries - Umbilical Cord Clamp

Fairmont Medical - Arthroflush Set

Fairmont Medical - Camera Cover

Fairmont Medical - Insufflator Filters

Fairmont Medical - Laparoscopic Irrigation Suction Set

Fairmont Medical - Orthopaedic Suction Set

Fairmont Medical - Suction Tubing

Fairmont Medical - Urology Set and Irrigation Set

ICU Medical - Cardiac Catheterisation Kit

Matrix Surgical - Hydro-Flo Suction Irrigation System

Medtronic - Angiographic Guide Wires

Merit Medical - AccessPLUS Hemostasis Valve

Merit Medical - VacLok Vacuum Pressure Syringe

Optimed - Electrosurgical Bipolar Cable

Optimed - Electrosurgical Bipolar Forceps

Optimed - Electrosurgical Handpiece Electrosurgical Pencil

Smith & Nephew - IV3000 Dressing

Smith & Nephew - Opsite Flexigrid Dressing

Smiths Medical - Epidural Filter

Terumo - Uniever Disposable Spinal Anesthesia Needle

Tuta - Extension Set

Tuta - Irrigation Set

Unomedical - Foley Catheter