IUD Insertion Kit

$260.00 Box of 10

Kit provided sterile, with easy to use with quality consumables and medical-grade stainless steel instruments. Saves setup time and sterilisation time for all IUD Insertions.

Ensures all components are available for every insertion. Reduces packaging waste.

Benefit of no-repeat sterilisation costs and by using single-use, this removes the risk of cross-infection.
Environmentally conscious with instruments that can be recycled into meltdown metal or incinerated to become non-toxic file ash, kidney dish, sponge holder, speculum, gallipots, and plastic field can be recycled as are plastic.

• 2 x Swab Sticks 20 cm Paper Shaft
• 2 x Gallipots 150ml
• 1 x Kidney Dish 1L Blue
• 1 x Vaginal Speculum Large
• 1 x Mayo Scissor 23cm Straight with Green Handles
• 1 x Tenaculum Forcep 25cm with Green Handles
• 1 x Sponge Holder 19cm Plastic
• 1 x Uterine Sound (Hysterometer CH14) 4.67mm with Nozzle
• Wrapped in a blue field 75cm x 75cm

ARTG # 319140