Consumables for Every Need

Our extensive portfolio of clinical consumables include essential sterile items for surgical procedures in operating rooms, and medical consumables that can be used throughout the hospital, day procedure clinics, general practitioners and specialist clinics. These high quality and easy to use products support all areas of healthcare.

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For Every Need

Committed to improving patient care with our single-use sterile medical products and customised procedure packs.

Surgical Products — sterile consumables for your surgical needs includes disposable bowls and jugs, needle cases, light handle covers, foam pads, medical towels, quivers, silicone loops, boots and tourniquets, and burns dressings.

Medical Products — includes IV pressure pads, skin makers, gauze swabs, specimen jars, swab sticks and bandages.

Silicone Range — our soft and inert silicone range includes non-sterile silicone tubing rolls and sterile tubing cut to specified lengths. We also have silicone loops and boots, and silicone drains including flat, round, and multi-lumen as well as the silicone drainage bulb.

Intensive care range — includes arterial and central line trays, single-use tracheal dilators, tube clamps and tracheostomy products.

Maternity range — includes single-use sterile teats, nipple shields and delivery and episiotomy instrument sets. We also have a range of gynaecological single-use sterile instruments, such as Rochester Pean forceps and Simms speculums.