Personal Protective Equipment

Protective, Functional, Comfortable

Our PPE has been specifically developed for the Australian and New Zealand environment and incorporates gowns - surgical, isolation, patient, chemotherapy, scrubs, SPEyes DeRoyal eyewear, protective glasses, face shields, beret caps, overshoes and scrub hats. We strive to deliver comfortable and easy to wear products that are safe in the medical workspace.

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Ppe defries
G2 A1371
Protective, Functional, Comfortable

Clinical Protective Apparel

Our single-use gown range has been specifically developed for the Australian and New Zealand environment.

  • Surgical Gowns ranging from AAMI Level 2 short and dry procedures through to AAMI Level 4 high fluid or lengthy procedures.
  • Patient Gowns are lightweight, soft and comfortable, in a variety of sizes.
  • Scrub Suits offer barrier protection to staff throughout the hospital, clinics, procedure and medical centres.
  • Isolation Gowns which are fully PE laminated with soft polyester cuffs.
  • Chemotherapy Gowns designed to provide maximum protection from hazardous drugs.

Surgical Gowns
G2 A1501

Our Comfort Range -

Our softest and most comfortable gowns

  • Comfort Unreinforced with Glove Assist - suitable for short and dry procedures
  • Comfort Plus Surgical Gown Fabric Reinforced – Medium or moderate-fluid procedures
  • Comfort Plus Reinforced Surgical Gown – High fluid procedures
G2 A1488

Our Classic Range:

  • Incorporates our Classic Standard and Classic Plus Reinforced Gowns
G2 A1475

Our CoolMax and Ultimate Protection Range:

  • CoolMax and Ultimate Protection Surgical Gowns - are breathable and cool.
  • These gowns are notable for their superb comfort and being fully impervious.
  • Ideal for high-fluid or lengthy procedures.

Wearable Consumables
G2 A1672

Protective Safety Glasses

Durable, high impact poly-carbonate safety glasses are comfortable, modern, and easy to wear.

Feature anti-fog and include a double-sided shield to protect from splashes.

Defries Face Shields

Face Shield Full

Single-use full face shield with vented foam and strap, which features a peel-away protective cover with tabs to prevent scratching.

Anti-fog, latex-free.

10 ready-to-use shields in a sealed plastic bag.

Wearable Consumables
7a DEF1142 Beret Cap 53cm Blue

Beret Cap

Constructed from a non-woven, polypropylene fabric with a latex-free, elastic opening.

Universal size that fits all. Single use and disposable.

8a DEF1145 Non S Kid Universal Overshoes

Overshoes Disposable

Easy application with elasticized opening and universal fit.

Non skid, polypropylene fabric.

SP Eyes X Eye Protection

SPEyes Eye Protection

Designed with an extended lens for maximum coverage.

SPEyes are lightweight but durable and can be worn over prescription glasses.