Precise, Quality Instruments

Our single-use sterile instruments will equip you with quality tools for your surgical and medical procedures. The technical design of each instrument is modelled on reusable instruments whilst providing you with the benefit of no-repeat sterilisation and a reduced risk of cross-infection.

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Surgical Instruments

Just some of our extensive range includes:

  • Forceps – Spencer Wells, McIndoe, Adson, Mosquito, Crile, Spencer Wells and more
  • Scissors - Dressing, Iris, Mayo, Universal
  • Needle holders
  • Staple removers
  • Scalpels and handles
  • Sponge holders
  • Nasal, Ear and Vaginal Speculums
  • Retractors
  • Suckers – Fujita, Yankauer, Rhoton, Poole
  • Electrosurgery – Diathermy Pencils, Electrodes, Needles, Hooks
  • Sets – wide range of Suture Set and Instrument Packs

Each instrument has a green dipped handle to visually identify it as single-use. Medical grade stainless steel instruments are made with an exacting mechanical finish. They can be recycled into meltdown metal or incinerated to become non-toxic file ash.