Wound Care

Wound and Dressing Solutions

Our broad range of dressings are used to help create the optimum conditions for wound healing, whilst protecting the wound from further trauma. Our range encompasses primary and secondary dressings plus specialised manuka honey products from Advancis Medical.

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Wound care defries
Advancis Manuka Honey

Preventing and managing wound infection

Manuka honey is a topical antimicrobial agent and is beneficial in wound care products.

Properties of Advancis Manuka Honey:

  • A broad-spectrum antibacterial, especially to wound infecting bacteria: staph aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, MRSA and VRE.
  • Effective for debridement
  • Deodorises wounds
  • Maintains a moist wound healing environment
  • Non-cytotoxic and a natural substance

Silicone Dressings

Silicone Dressings: soft, comfortable and gentle

Siltape – Soft silicone perforated tape roll. A popular versatile product. Ideal for small incision sites and holding dressings in place.

Silflex – A soft silicone wound contact layer that gently adheres to the skin but not to the wound bed, allowing the passage of exudate. Its many uses include skins tears, abrasions, surgical wounds, second-degree burns, lacerations and leg and pressure ulcers.